(2022) GWY’s 40th anniversary Ceremony. Memorial Lecture & Reception


GWY has been in existence for forty years since March, 1982. It held the event called “International exchange forum ~activities in the past and the future~“ which provided us an opportunity to look back the history and think about the ideal method of activities.
GWY planned to invite Mr. Makio Miyagawa , former ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Malaysia to deliver commemorative lecture but unfortunately it became difficult when he became suspicious contact infection on the previous day from contraction of Covid 19 of his family member. He appeared on transferred online version.
His lecture’s title was “The International condition of affairs and exchanging activities in the future.” He gave an informative and well-timed talk which covered from geopolitics (new age of antagonism) to recent Ukraine’s state of affairs and its affect to international relationship.
Following the lecture, commemorative exchange conference was held by all concerned to look back activities in the past and to pledge future development in the future.