(2022) GWY held the multiculturism forum


GWY held the multiculturism forum as a part of Multicultural Forum cosponsored by Ogaki international exchange association on Dec.3 at the Ogaki Suitopia Center.
The title was “What is the society where we can live together as we respect the differences between each other?”
On that day GWY invited people from abroad. Nationality was the U.S. ,U.K. ,Vietnam and Lithuania. Participants talked about differences of impression between Japan and their countries and charms of Japan and Gifu prefecture. A member of Afghanistan focused on the country‘s present situation in terms of terrorism, poverty and discrimination rather than on difference to Japan. The audience listened attentively to the plight of that country.
The number of audience was limited to 60 in light of fear of distraction of Covid 19. A presenter from Ireland was compelled to be absent on account of being in poor health.