(FY2022)Japan-America Forum (Kakehasi Project) were held in Gifu prefecture


Twenty Japanese-American(Working Youth)visited Japan, who were invited by the Foreign Ministry which engaged in Kakehasi Project to develop understanding of Japan. This project is one of the international exchange undertakings promoted by Japanese government. Japanese government has focused on intensifying Japan’s diplomatic basis through human exchange alongside to promote understanding of Japan related to politics, economy, society, culture, history and diplomatic measures.
Invitation period lasted two weeks from March 7 to 13 in 2023. GWY was in charge of their stay in Gifu prefecture, which lasted from March 9 to 11.
After coming Japan they were given lectures on Japan’s diplomatic policy and paid visits to several facilities they moved to Gifu prefecture. They attended lecture of general explanation on Gifu prefecture’s present state, They also visited Ogaiki castle and Kawaramachi streets in Gifu city.
On March 10 they tried making Japanese sweet at Ogaki east shop of Kinchodo main branch and they went to Shirakawago , the Unesco world heritage. On 11 in the morning they visited Sekigahara historic battle field.
In the afternoon GWY organized “ Japan-America Forum” whose title was “The history of Japanese American”.
Firstly the leader of the group made general story of Japanese American’s history, and then five speakers made presentation on the history of each member’s family , followed by members’ answering questions from the floor. Members were divided into several groups with several persons from the audience to encourage talking with each other, Before closing the forum Mr.Kato showed performance of Iaido with real sword.
These sorts of events, though suspended by COVID 19 for 3 years, made the attendees impressed and realize anew the importance of face-to-face exchange activities. After visiting several places and holding briefing session on their visit they left for the U.S. on March 13.